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Strings & Piano

Folk and Beyond

“The music’s charm lies in unsubtle themes, unbashful melodies, so immediate in sentiment that they will get students emotionally involved with their instrument quickly and easily.”

Music Teacher Magazine | December 2022

… a mixture of robust ( Variations on a Christmas Carol and Avanti) and sonorous melodies ( Summer Memory and Lament)… suitable for a concert environment …and a welcome addition to the repertoire.

Arco magazine, April 2023

Throughout my time teaching the cello most of my students will find at least one tune that sparks joy and inspires enthusiasm when all else fails….that one exhausted tune that is played again and again when scales and studies are allowed to lie fallow. Joanna Borrett's new compendium, Folk and Beyond, is full of those tunes.

Music Teacher Magazine, December 2022

"This is a collection that is guaranteed to make the most reticent of pupils smile - and even practise"

Nina-Marie Plapp, Music Teacher Magazine


"Composed with great passion, Joanna Borrett's Clan is an authentic journey with warm melodies. It makes you feel part of a story that's sometimes peaceful and sometimes projects intense emotions. A true work of art."

Eduardo Cruz,, November 2023

"Joanna tells a story through sound that enthralls the listener and transports them to an ancient culture that evokes fantastic scenarios", October 2023

"A really gorgeous piece of music , conjuring up evocative pictures in your mind”

Jane Howkins, November 2023York Calling, Classical Favourites

"The music plays out like a ballet suite, a wistful introduction leading to a pithy, catchy reel lasting barely a minute and a euphonious celebration of unity, “Us”. Borrett’s language is tonal and accessible, the string writing alluding to a very English tradition. Think Holst or Warlock, in a good way.
Borrett’s concision is striking, with much incident packed into movements which rarely exceed three minutes; Clan lasts just over 19 minutes but feels much bigger. “Betrayal” and “Armour and Battlefield” take us into impressively astringent territory... and a final “Chant” has wordless vocals before a solemn, downbeat close."

Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk, March, 2024

"Clan forges a strong connection between folk and classical music and the stories therein come to thrilling life ... with such passion, beauty, and feeling."

Simon Godley, God is in the TV, April 2024

Clan – Viola Edition