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World Premiere of Clan in February!

I’m absolutely thrilled, and hugely excited, that my first string orchestral work – Clan – is being premiered on February 24th at the Elgar Concert Hall in Birmingham by the superb Her Ensemble

It’s awe inspiring to be sharing a programme with so many amazing contemporary classical composers –  I can hardly believe it’s true(!) – and the programme is wonderfully imaginative. I’ve attached a copy of Her Ensemble’s Facebook post below which has a link where you can buy tickets by clicking  the ‘register for event’ link :

We’re opening CrossCurrents Festival on Sat 24 Feb at University of Birmingham in the Elgar Concert Hall!
Think this is pos the most excited we’ve been for a new programme yet…! Folk, jazz and contemporary classical:
Concerto Grosso – Errollyn Wallen
World premiere – Sasha Scott
Clan (world premiere) – Joanna Borrett Composer
Starburst – Jessie Montgomery.